Check out the VW Polo Carbon Edition by IDE|Autoworks™

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Final render of VW Polo Carbon Edition

Final render of VW Polo Carbon Edition

IDE|AutoWorks™ is a design studio based in Gurgaon that specializes in Vehicle Graphics, Vehicle wrapping and Personalized design solutions for your car.

It was founded by two Automotive designers Ankit Prashar and Himanshu Bhardwaj; design Graduates from Coventry University, UK and Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED), Turin, Italy respectively.

Ankit has worked with Maruti Suzuki Design Studio, India and was part of the team that designed the Maruti Suzuki XA Concept (2012).
Himanshu’s work experience includes JAC China design center, Turin and Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. He was part of the team that designed the JAC Vision IV Concept (2010) and the Mahindra Dune Bug Concept (2012)

For their latest project, the guys at IDE|Autroworks tried to compliment the simple and sophisticated design theme of VW Polo. They went for a carbon inspired theme with Red accents for a sporty touch.

VW Polo Carbon Edition 1

The car with its base white color has a black carbon fiber roof finish. This provides a good contrast to the white car while the textured vinyl material gives a sophisticated feel. The roof also has a thin red trim running along the edges.

IDE|A’s Polo also boasts of a full length-racing stripe placed on the passenger’s side. Rather than going with a single colored racing stripe, IDE|A went with a combination of dark grey stripe on white surfaces and white stripe on the black roof. This combination of black and white provides a strong contrast and a coherent theme to the overall design. The stripes have a bar-code design with the chassis number of the car imprinted on it. This provides a unique identity exclusive to the owner of the car.

VW Polo Carbon Edition 2

A similar stripe design also runs along the side of the car with a strong VW emblem to enhance the branding of the vehicle. The fade-out design provides a sense of movement to the vehicle.

The ORVMs also get a carbon fiber finish along with Red accents as a sporty touch. Traditional racing colors like black and grey go well with the white base color of the car while the RED adds that sporty touch.

VW Polo Carbon Edition 3

Coming to the front, the car gets a Red VW GTI grille and a lower grille with chrome trims. The VW logo gets a Matte Black finish with red accents. The headlamps inspired by the Euro-spec version, get a combination of Matte black finish with a strong sliver/chrome treatment to the Y-shape element.

VW Polo Carbon Edition 4

Moreover, a Red trim runs along the Y-Shape element inside the headlamp. This visually lines up with the lower red element of the GTI grille, thereby providing a continuous Red line along the front face. These elements together give out a strong personality to the car when viewed head on. The wheels are finished in Gunmetal color with the front brake calipers finished in red. In the rear, the tail lamps are Euro-spec.

All together this provides a rather subtle and sophisticated image to the car.

VW Polo Carbon Edition 5

Design Specifications: –

• IDE Designed™ Chassis number printed racing Stripes
• IDE Designed™ Headlamps – Matte Black with Red Accents
• Matt finish VW Logo with Red Accents
• ORVMS in Carbon black finish with Red Accents
• Carbon Black Roof Wrap with Red Accents
• Front disc brake caliper in Red finish
• GTI Grille
• Euro-Spec Tail-lamps
• Euro-Spec lower grille with chrome accents
• Wheels: 15’ Gun-Metal finish

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