Check Out The Hyundai Kona Iron Man Special Edition

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Spider-Man: Homecoming will soon hit the theaters near you and car makers are celebrating the occasion in their own way. Going by the promos, Tom Holland would be playing a protégé to ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Junior in this Marvel flick. Audi recently announced that the new A8L will make a guest appearance in the Marvel mega-venture.

Hyundai Motor has something new for Marvel fans too. At the world premiere of the all-new Kona, Hyundai Motor also unveiled the special Iron Man Edition. The Kona’s design is inspired by the strong, armored appearance of the Iron Man suit. Aligning its characteristics with the technologically advanced Stark Industries armored suit, the Kona Iron Man Special Edition majors on safety and advanced technologies.

The Kona Iron Man Special Edition features greater width (+40mm). Further visual enhancements set apart the Iron Man edition from the standard Kona. Special LEDs are applied to the headlights, which sit beneath a matt grey hood, embellished with red and gold accents. The matte grey body is further enhanced with a contrasting red roof. The silver roof rails also get red highlights. Iron Man logo sits on the sides while the words ‘Iron Man’ are embossed on the rear door.

The Kona Iron Man Special Edition’s dynamic exterior is further complemented by a 19-inch directional wheel badged with an Iron Man Mask in the center as well as off-road tires 716mm in outside diameter.

It’s a stunning special edition and Marvel fans would definitely appreciate the work. The special edition will go on display at Hyundai Motor’s Motorstudio in Seoul, Korea for a month following its global reveal.

Images Courtesy : Motor1