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dc modified ford ecosport pics (2)

Popular Indian car designer Dilip Chhabria is at it again!

The latest car to go under DC’s scalpel is the much loved Ford EcoSport. For the Ford EcoSport, DC Design has come up with both exterior and interior kits, which aim to elevate the desirability quotient of India’s favorite compact SUV.

dc modified ford ecosport pics (6) 

As can be seen in the above image, the DC modified Ford EcoSport boasts of a revised front fascia. The entirely revised front end boasts of a set of new headlights, that are now positioned on the bumper, and a set of DRLs that are now at a position that was originally meant for the headlights. The front grille has seen a wire mesh treatment. While the front end styling of the car looks futuristic, we believe that its borderline-loud and won’t really have a wide appeal. What do you say?

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On the inside, the DC modified Ford EcoSport gets a lot of changes made to its layout and equipment list. The DC Design Ford EcoSport is a strict four seat-er and the front passenger captain seat can be folded to create a leg-rest for the occupant of the rear seat. 

In typical DC Design fashion, the modified EcoSport gets electric adjust for the rear seats, a gazillion LCD screens and air con vents at the rear. The car also gets a larger infotainment screen and mood lighting. 

Mechanically, the car is expected to remain unchanged. DC Design is yet to divulge complete details but safely expect us to update once they come our way. Prices too haven’t been revealed yet but we feel that the DC Design kit for Ford EcoSport could retail for upto INR 5 lakhs. Add that to the cost of the donor car and you are looking at Skoda Yeti kind of money.

dc modified ford ecosport pics (1)

We feel that DC Design has done a reasonably good job with making the EcoSport look . . umm. . .different, which might or might not be a great thing for you.

While the interiors of the modified car look far more pampering and well appointed than ever before, the exteriors might take a long time to grow on us.

What do you have to say about the new DC modified Ford EcoSport? Do share your views by commenting below.

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dc modified ford ecosport pics (6)
dc modified ford ecosport pics (5)
dc modified ford ecosport pics (4)
dc modified ford ecosport pics (3)
dc modified ford ecosport pics (2)
dc modified ford ecosport pics (1)
dc modified ford ecosport pics (2)

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