Cell Cease: New cellphone app to reduce accidents!

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The cellphone app industry in probably one of the fastest growing markets this side of the 21st century. One new addition to the ever increasing list of such apps is ‘Cell Cease’ – a program that promises to reduce the probability of accidents in a unique way! The application uses the cell phone’s inbuilt GPS receiver to judge whether the cell phone is in constant motion or not. If it detects a motion of over 5 mph (approximately 8 km/h), the app disables all the common functionality that kids general tend to use behind the wheel – texting, calling etc. thus making it imperative for the driver to focus on the road. As per the information we have, it doesn’t disable the music player in the phone.

Cell Cease App for Youngsters

However, the catch is, the app has no way to find out whether the possessor of the phone is in the driver’s seat or the passenger’s. Furthermore, it can’t even figure out if you are in a car at all, so forget taking calls or texting away to glory while being in a bus, train, rickshaw or even cycle-rickshaw for that matter! And while the app is targeted mainly towards the youth, we wonder why it only supports Windows Mobile then? From what we see every Saturday evening, it’s the iPhones, Nokias and Sonys that these youngsters generally flash! Nevertheless, we appreciate their contribution towards a safer society…

Source: The Car Connection / Cell Cease Homepage

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