CEAT Provides Safety Kit To Autorickshaw Drivers

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One of India’s leading tyre manufacturers, CEAT has been providing much-needed essential gear to autorickshaw drivers in the country. With the prime goal of making the commute safe for both drivers and customers, the company is providing ‘CEAT Shield of Safety’ equipped with protective barriers for restricting contact between driver and passenger.

The kit includes an isolation cover (to be put inside the auto), surface cleaner and sanitizer along with bottle holder, masks and gloves. In addition to the safety kit, CEAT is also providing collaterals with details on how to sanitize the vehicle and how to ensure the customer’s safety while riding. These elements will make it easier for commuters to choose safer vehicles plying on the roads.

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Amidst these infectious times, personal mobility has emerged as the preferred way to travel and people have been avoiding the use of public transport as much as possible. However, for varied reasons, not everyone will be able to make this switch and in that situation, it becomes vital for both, the operator and the passenger to ensure proper precautions have been taken before commencing the journey. If you will be relying on such means of transport, ensure you wear a mask which covers your nose and mouth properly, sanitize your hands when required and travel only when necessary.

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Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Amit Tolani, Chief Marketing Officer, CEAT Tyres Ltd said, “With apprehensions amongst the commuters on preferring public transport options this initiative will help autorickshaw drivers to solve their problems of not getting any rides during the Unlock phase. With the ‘CEAT Shield of Safety’, we are trying our best to ensure the safety of the autorickshaw community as well as the passengers. With this in place already, we are planning to explore similar initiatives in other verticals of commuter segments and in various parts of the country.”

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