Ceat Extends Warranty On All Tyres By Three Months

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Ceat tyres have extended the warranty on all their tyres by a period of three months across India. The decision was taken by the company to express their support to the customers amidst the continued lockdown. The warranty extension by three months is applicable to all tyres’ warranty expiring between 1st March 2020 to 31st May 2020. Warranty extension will be considered from manufacturing week/year code, for an additional 3 months.

Ceat Tyres has ensured that its nationwide dealerships will pass on the benefits of free and extended warranty to all its customers. Commenting on the initiative, Mr Arnab Banerjee, Chief Operating Officer, CEAT Tyres Ltd, said, “We have taken the decision keeping the safety of our customers in mind. While we all are following the government’s directive of social distancing, we want to ensure that our customers continue to get the benefit of the warranty during these trying times.”

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A Few Tips

During these stationary times, it is vital that we also look after our cars. To ensure that it is up and running and in a healthy state when you need its services, make sure you crank the engine and leave it running at idling speed for about five minutes, every few days. This will ensure that the battery does not drain itself and stays charged. It will also make sure that the internals of the engine remains lubricated.

Make sure the car is moved from its place a few feet fore and aft. Also, ensure the contact patch of the tyre which bears the load of the vehicle isn’t the same when you park your car again. Leaving a car parked for long with the same area of the tyre bearing all the load could lead to deformation or cracks, especially in sunny conditions. If any of your car’s tyres have developed a puncture, replace it immediately with the spare if mending the puncture isn’t possible. Park your vehicle under some shade and if that’s not possible, use a cover to keep the paint protected from harmful elements like bird droppings and harsh sunshine.

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