Carzonrent Myles Self-drive service available at INR 250 per hour, including fuel

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carzonrent selfdrive service

Carzonrent Pvt. Ltd has started India’s 1st of its kind initiative for its self-drive service-Myles. Myles is available at Rs. 250 for an hour including fuel.

This initiative adds yet another benefit in the repository of customers as they don’t need to buy a car yet they can avail all the benefits of owning a car without the liability of installments, maintenance, car parking and fuelling the car. In today’s metro life where owning a second car is becoming a necessity due to busy schedule of both the partners in the family and the independency in travelling is utmost important, Myles is the service to solve their travelling issues.

Myles is currently available from more than 30 locations in Delhi – NCR, from where the customers can directly avail the car apart from booking it at or calling at the 24*7 reservation desk 0888 222 2222.

Commenting on the momentous occasion, Ms. Sakshi Vij, Executive Director, Carzonrent (I) Ltd said, “Customer centricity has been our top most priority since the time of our inception. With personal experience I have realized, every family member owning to different lifestyle and work schedule, needs personal car to freely move around. With monetary constraint and space crunch, maintaining 2-3 cars is difficult. We have started this state-of-art initiative to facilitate customer the freedom to travel within the city at their own pace without any dependence on the public transport. We value our customer’s needs and understand that it is imperative to provide them with flawless service”.


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