Carzonrent acquires Bangalore based car pooling start-up Ridingo

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For the one’s considerate about the increasingly maddening rush hour traffic in our cities, things could soon change for better. Still in a nascent stage in India, the idea of car pooling received a big boost as Carzonrent – one of India’s urban mobility solutions provider acquired Ridingo, a car-pooling start-up company, as part of its strategy to build leadership into the evolving “sharing economy”.

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A peer to peer car-pooling community founded by Vardhan Koshal and Srivatsan Mohan, Ridingo has an active community of over 10,000 registered users. As a Mobile and Cloud based solution provider of ride sharing, Ridingo has been rated by “Forbes” as one of the “Hottest Startups” in 2013 and was also a part of “Nasscom 10000 Startups” Program supported by Google, Microsoft, Verisign, Kotak and Intel. Ridingo has also been included by Karnataka government in Karnataka MobileOne program in 2013.

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Ridingo, with its state-of-the-art technology solutions has tackled all the problems of car sharing by creating a very strict entry barrier for registering in Ridingo. Only professionals working in reputed companies and/ or well connected on LinkedIn are allowed to register. Ridingo verifies the listed employer by asking the applicant for official email address as a part of registration.

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