Carberry Enfield with 1000cc, V-Twin engine coming to India; expected price – INR 7 lakh

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carberry enfield

If all goes well, Carberry Enfield could very well be setting shop in India, thanks to one enthusiastic investor from Bhilai. Carberry who? They’re an Australian outfit who concocted and produced a 1,000 cc, V-Twin, Royal Enfield engine by combining two 500 cc cast iron cylinder heads onto a custom built crankcase. Things down under didn’t prove to be commercially viable, so Paul Carberry, the man behind the small enterprise, had to pull his shop’s shutters down. Now, a report suggests that these unique V-Twin Royal Enfields could be made and sold in India soon.

carberry enfield alan cathcart

Paul Carberry is reportedly looking for suppliers in India to start operations. He is backed by investments made by Bhilai-based businessman Jaspreet Singh Bhatia, a motorcycle enthusiast himself. Once the suppliers are in place and the prototypes are homologated at ARAI, production on a small scale can begin. Once production begins, India will become Carberry Enfield’s new headquarters.

carberry enfield double barrell

Called the “Double Barrel”, the  55 degree V-Twin, good for  50 horsepower, is strapped to a 5 speed transmission. The engine also keeps as many standard RE parts as possible, which is another reason for Paul to consider shifting base to India, because all Royal Enfields are made here in Chennai. Back to the motor, it also features hydraulic lifters running above the cams, which eliminate the need to modify the barrels. Apart from those, the drive shaft and two of the four cams, every part in the new engine has been custom designed and built. The “Double Barrel” can also employ fuel injection of need be. The motorcycle further features a strengthened frame with twin backbones and down tubes.


Given a donor Royal Enfield Bullet, Paul used to charge $A13,000 for the entire modification, which translates to approximately INR 6.11 lakhs. If one didn’t have a donor motorcycle, Paul would buy a brand new one off the shelf, modify it, and then sell it with the aforementioned premium over the sticker price. The reports adds that a made in India Carberry Enfield, which is still some 8-9 months away, could cost about INR 7 lakhs.

via Overdrive; images and info – The Kneeslider

carberry enfield
carberry enfield alan cathcart

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  • Zonak says:

    Why will they sell single engine? It is already available from RE…

  • Abrar Ahmed says:

    It’s looking amazing in pics….
    Hope company will start to work n sell single engine as well with V twin engines…
    If this happens I think it will catch the eyes and attention of old 4 speed bullet lovers, also I m ome of them.I would like to buy one.