Carberry announces release of India made twin-cylinder engines

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Where the officially made twin cylinder Royal Enfield is still being tested, if you’re in a hurry for double the thump, here’s an alternative. Carberry Motorcycles, an Australian custom builder, famous for their 1,000cc V-twin Royal Enfield, have launched their own twin cylinder engines in India. Having shifted operations to Bhilai in Chattisgarh, Carberry will sell you the motor for INR 4,96,00 (Ex-factory), freight, handling and taxes additional.


While the exact specifications of the engine haven’t been released yet, Carberry will supply a complete running engine, including primary drive and gearbox, exhaust not included, with the following features:-

  • 7 plate clutch with a high strength primary chain
  • 5-speed gearbox
  • Hydraulic lifters
  • Heavy crankshaft
  • Roller big end bearings
  • Double the main bearing capacity of the single cylinder
  • A heavy duty starter motor and sprag clutch designed for a 2-litre car engine
  • Lifters and oil pumps running in their own housings and protecting the engine cases from wear and damage
  • A large 3.7-litre oil capacity filtered through an external spin on oil filter and pumped at 10 times the capacity of the single
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Because of successful R&D, the power is delivered smoothly with minimal vibration
  • Linear power delivery throughout the rev range
  • Magnetic sump plugs
  • Old school design appropriated for custom builds
  • Readily available parts


Export prices will bear a slight warranty surcharge, higher handling charge, but exclude GST at the company’s end. To order the engines, customers will have to pay a 50% deposit and delivery time will be within approximately 4-7 months, depending on how early one gets on the waiting list. The engines are not road legal yet and are sold for export, for existing homologated Carberry motorcycles or for display purposes only. However, Carberry will be working with ARAI to make the motor road legal, before their complete motorcycles arrive later in this year.

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