Your car will now google for you, say hello to Android Auto

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There was a time when my father’s Ambassador had 4 buttons on it’s dashboard out of which 5 were non-functional. My sister and me would watch in amazement if the wipers ever worked and whenever they did, we would bob our heads around in-sync with their movements.

Fast forward to present times, where the only thing my father knows about his Android phone is the fact that it’s black in colour. I wondered if this technology entered his car, what will a man do, who is used to four buttons in his car which never worked.


After Apple’s Car Play, Google now plans to scare my dad, as it showcased it’s new Android-based system for cars. Google calls it ‘Android Auto’, which will sync with your android phone as you get inside the car, play your music, help in navigation through maps, read your messages, and tell your wife who’s in the passenger seat. The last one we made up.

It will also let you dictate a message, will read it back to you before sending and if you ask for the timings for that late night movie show, it will find that information and offer to navigate, if it still hasn’t told your wife who’s in the co-driver seat.

With so much technology around, My father will require tutions if he has to keep up with a talking car. Which is such a brilliant business idea. Now, you see the benefits of being a ‘Motoroids’ fan, are just endless.

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