BYD India Partners With Eto Motors To Supply Electric Cargo Vehicles

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With many states introducing various policies and initiatives, the year 2019 saw a total EV sales of more than 7.5 Lakhs in India, including electric two-wheelers, electric three-wheelers and electric passenger vehicles. To carry forward this green momentum, BYD, a Global player in providing clean energy solutions has partnered with ETO Motors to deploy a fleet of electric cargo vehicles comprising.

ETO Motors announced its plans to introduce a fleet of Electric 3W & 4W Cargo vehicles to strengthen its clean mobility solution offerings. These vehicles will be designed and manufactured with BYD’s power battery, motor, motor controllers & powertrains. Electric 3W fleet deployment will include electric-rickshaw, electric-cart, electric-auto (L5M & L5N category) and electric three-wheeler cargo, while Electric 4W cargo includes electric 4W commercial freight /cargo vehicles.

BY T3 electric van

ETO motors have already placed an order for 50 number of T3’s – the 4W cargo EVs from BYD to be deployed immediately. Over the next one-year, ETO Motors is expected to deploy 4,000 electric vehicles across 20 cities to service the logistics need to online as well as brick and mortar retailers. Businesses are looking to reduce their carbon footprint across their supply chain and electric cargo vehicles offer them an excellent option to be included in their sustainable practices.

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There are over 3 million cargo vehicles plying on Indian roads and there is an additional influx of these vehicles to the tune of 0.70 million every year. Introduction and adoption of EV cargo will ensure that the emissions levels can be controlled significantly and can have a positive impact on the environment over time. Annual reduction in emission for a cargo minivan averaging 200 KMs travel a day is around 13,500 kgs saving 5,000 litres of diesel a day.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr Ketsu Zhang, Executive Director, BYD India, said, “Developing and promoting a strong EV ecosystem and cultivating consumer awareness and confidence to adopt clean technology is our goal in making the planet better. Logistics segment is one of the largest users of transportation and resultant addition to the emissions is significant, the usage is only increasing over time with improved road infrastructure and rapid urbanization and increasing consumer demand for retail products. Companies now have a ready solution to help them with their own sustainability goals without having to invest in vehicle ownership.” 

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