This butch looking Ford Endeavour packs 245 horses behind its Raptor grille

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The new Ford Endeavor is a massive, desirable vehicle that packs a lot of street cred. For all the visual appeal it carries and its size, it drives amazingly well, is comfortable and packs genuine off-road tech. However, some demand more, and this particular owner made AutopsycheIndia garnish his already butch looking SUV with a little amount of lunacy.


The car you see in the pictures here is a Ford Endeavour 3.2 in its Titanium trim. However, Ford worshipers will appreciate how the standard, chrome fitting has been thrown away in favor of a blacked out, honeycombed Raptor grille. Keen eyes will also notice a flush fitting LED light bar that sits surrounded by a chrome bull bar.


The silver finished faux skid plate has been taken away, and some custom black cladding with RWB style exposed screws, wraps itself around the large wheel arches.


This jacked up Endeavour rides on heels and has been fitted with an Ironman 4×4 Foamcell Pro 2″ Suspension Lift Kit. To go with it, it rolls on 18″ 4×4 Wheels & Maxxis All Terrain Tires. And just because it can’t be all show pushed forward by the same, standard Go, this modded Ford Endeavour runs a custom ECU that has been mapped to make the engine crank out 245bhp.


We like how the changes are subtle, have been executed with panache, and are more functional than cosmetic. Gets our stamp of approval this thing.

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