Bridgestone launches new Potenza S001 and Turanza T001 tyres in India



Bridgestone India, a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, today announced the launch of two new flagship tyres in Pune – Potenza S001 and Turanza T001.

The new Potenza S001 is claimed to offer balance of function and performance maintaining stability irrespective of the road surface or how extreme the cornering. The new product targets high-performance car owners and sport car owners.

The new Turanza T001 is claimed to offer ride comfort and performance, especially for long distance touring and higher speeds. It targets a range of vehicles, from mid-sized models and compacts up to large premium sedans, with a line-up covering all popular sizes including larger rim dimensions and higher speed ratings.

The Potenza S001 is said to have the following features:

  • A multi-performance block – The outside block, which takes most of the load when cornering, has been enlarged and reinforced to improve both wet and dry handling.
  • 60 degree Slanted Lug – Block sipes are positioned a 60 degree angle, with the same effect as the nose of an F1 racing car. Block rigidity has been optimized, improving both traction and braking performance
  • GUTT II stimulation straight grooves – Simulating the alignment, thickness and configuration of the straight grooves significantly reduce the risk of hydroplaning
  • Semi-slick center rib – Improves the handling response of the steering center
  • Block and slick combination – Lateral grooves improve traction and braking. The combined with slick areas, reduces wear on the inside edge and guards against becoming unbalanced with the outside edge

Bridgestone tyre S001

The Turanza T001 is claimed to have the following features:

  • Noise Reduction Groove – Insulates passengers from tyre noise
  • High-Angle Tread Blocks – Maintains block stiffness for better braking even in wet conditions
  • Nano Pro-Tech Tread Compound – Optimal wet performance and reduced rolling resistance
  • FCP Tyre Profile – For longer tread life

Bridgestone tyre T001

Apart from these, it also has 5-Pitch variable tread blocks for a quieter ride, slim high bead filler for better balance for handling and ride comfort and wide main groove that minimizes the chance of hydroplaning. Potenza S001 tyres will be available in 12 sizes, ranging from 17 inches to 20 inches rim diameters. The Turanza T001 tyres will be available in 11 sizes, in 15 inches to 18 inches rim diameters and are designed to fit many popular vehicles.

While speaking on the national announcement of two new products, Kazuhiko Mimura, Managing Director, Bridgestone India, said, “Keeping in harmony with Bridgestone’s mission of ‘Serving Society with Superior Quality’, Bridgestone India in commemoration of our 20th anniversary, is proud to announce the launch of two of its new global flagship tyres Potenza S001 and Turanza T001 that are high-performance tyres which are approved for original fitment of many luxurious car models. With the growing demand for performance driven cars, customer’s preference for high performance tyres are on the rise and we hope to successfully cater to this audience.”

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