BREAKING- Volkswagen Passat NOT discontinued in India

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A couple of days ago, there came a news on the web world which stated that the Volkswagen Passat has been discontinued in India. The news seemed to be from ‘credible’ sources and we were quick to report about what was being discussed among the auto hacks in the country. (click here to read our earlier story on Passat)

However, just because we have been a sceptical lot and know better than to jumping the gun, we decided to verify this news with Volkswagen and as we feared, it turned out to be a erroneous!

Here is what Volkswagen’s mail to us reads- ‘We at Volkswagen continue to sell the current generation of the Passat through our dealer network. As with all our products, serviceability and availability of spares will never be an issue. The requirements of every Passat customer will be catered to with meticulous attention. Globally the next generation of the Passat is being readied and we shall introduce it in the Indian market at the appropriate time.’

With this, all the claims of Passat going out of production in India can be rubbished. It may be noted that the Passat isn’t readily available at some VW dealerships and has to be ordered, which takes some time processing. It is this very fact that may have led to the rumor of Passat’s discontinuation taking birth.

Also, Volkswagen’s email to us should come across as a relief to the hundreds of Passat owners who contacted us, fearing that the local VW dealerships might no longer entertain their vehicles.

Finally, we are happy to know that Volkswagen is already thinking of bringing the next gen Passat to us.

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