VIDEO: Motorcyclist survives massive crash, Spiderman style

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Motorcycle accidents can turn ugly but this chap had a real close shave as he escaped death… in Spiderman style. The dashboard camera video captured in Russia showcases a sedan changing its lane on the road when all of a sudden a motorcycle rider runs into the car from behind. But instead of falling off on the road or getting tossed several feet ahead, the motorcycle rider does a somersault (accidental) and lands on the roof of the car.

Now some people may think that the video is made by modern technical wizardry and even we cannot confirm the authenticity of the video. But if this is a real video, this was indeed a lucky day for the motorcyclist.

We advice our readers to maintain lane discipline while driving/riding. Wear all the protective gear while riding a motorcycle. Not everyone is as luck as this motorcycle rider. Also, if you are a regular car driver, have a good look in the rear view mirror, especially for motorcyclists as they are difficult to spot, before changing lanes.

Share your thoughts and opinions about the accident and the importance of motorcycle safety gear through comments below. Stay tuned into Motoroids for all the updates from the world of auto.

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