BMW launches ‘Be In Good Hands’ after-sales service campaign

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BMW India has launched ‘Be In Good Hands’ after-sales service campaign for the brand in the country. The campaign has been designed keeping in mind the customer’s requirements such as convenience, cost, time and quality. A mobility offer includes a complimentary pick-up and drop of the vehicle that would be offered by all of the company’s service outlets across the country.

The Fast Lane Service makes sure that the vehicle gets back on the road soon after a standard vehicle service. The vehicle is serviced within a few hours so that the customer save time and have the freedom to make spontaneous travel plans without worrying about vehicle servicing.

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Once the vehicle is at the dealership, technology enables the system to extract vehicle data through the smart key reader. The vehicle is received at the service consultation bay where, with the help of the advanced Integrated Service Processes Application (ISPA), the service advisor gets access to vehicle information and its service history. The application readily assesses the present status of the vehicle and analyses it to highlights areas that require work. In addition, the service advisor checks the car for visible or technical repairs with the help of diagnostics. The application produces a service advice automatically applying the benefits of any service package associated with the vehicle. With the relevant images, the estimate is presented to the customer for approval.

  • Service Inclusive, Service Inclusive Plus and Repair Inclusive are a range of service packages that cover maintenance, inspection and wear-and-tear. Customers have the flexibility to select a package of their choice at a pre-fixed rate. The package can also be upgraded or extended as per the customer’s wish.
  • Service Inclusive covers all regular maintenance work such as vehicle check and standard scopes, engine oil service, engine oil top-ups along with service / replacement of air filter, fuel filter, micro filter, spark plugs and brake fluid. The Service Inclusive Plus goes a step further and covers replacement of brake pads, brake discs, wiper blades and clutch in addition to the above.
  • With Repair Inclusive, the standard warranty on a vehicle can be extended even after the initial period of 24 months for unlimited mileage up to a period of 6 years. The cost for all necessary repairs is covered within the agreed mileage/duration.

With the help of the on-board diagnosis system, every model is able to monitor all important electrical and electronic systems itself, logging possible faults before a problem occurs. Condition Based Service (CBS), the intelligent maintenance system, continuously monitors oil levels and the degree of wear and tear on individual components using sensors, algorithms and parameters such as mileage and driving style. The next recommended service date is displayed each time the vehicle is started. This indication automatically begins four weeks’ earlier so service can be planned in advance.

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Periodic service campaigns are conducted across the country to ensure that a BMW is always ready. Fixed Price Offer enables the customers to get select models serviced with selected work packages at any authorised BMW dealership. This option is especially beneficial for maintenance of older vehicles at an attractive price proposal. End of Warranty is a proactive check conducted to initiate repairs covered under warranty before it expires. During Seasonal checks (summer and pre-monsoon), certified service experts inspect critical areas such as brakes, lights, tyres and fan belts, using innovative technologies and original parts to ensure year round vehicle readiness.

Frank Schloeder, President (act.), BMW Group India said, “Customers are at the heart of everything that BMW does. Purchase is only the beginning of a relationship that is nurtured at each step. With BMW, ownership is a rewarding experience throughout the vehicle’s life cycle. ‘Be in Good Hands’ is a promise that completes the circle of ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’. Flexible packages, full cost control, quick turn-around time and first-class service together provide complete peace of mind to our customers at all times. With BMW service offerings, our customers are always ready to take their BMW wherever they want, whenever they want!”

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