BMW is the most valuable car brand after Toyota!

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The recent Millward Brown survey indicates that BMW is the most valuable automotive brand. This title which now belongs to BMW was last year awarded to Toyota which now stands in the second place followed by Honda. However, BMW’s arch rival Mercedes has managed to keep itself to the fourth place in the list..

BMW overtook last year’s winner Toyota with an estimated value of $21.82 (€16.52) billion. This, year Toyota has been pushed to the second place with a total estimated value of $21.77 (€16.48) billion. However, the values of this year have turned out to be less than what it was a year ago due to economic tensions across the globe.

Honda and Mercedes have managed to grab the 3rd and 4th position respectively. Honda boasts of a total estimated value of $14.30 (€10.83) billion while Mercedes recorded a total estimated value of $13.74 (€10.40) billion.

Volkswagen and Ford observed growth in their total estimated value by up to 20 percent and 19 percent respectively. However, as Ford and Volkswagen observed a rise, Porsche and Toyota hit the reverse gear with a negative growth or fall of up to 31 percent and 27 percent respectively.

World’s most valuable car brands in $ billion; (rank in top 100):

1. BMW $21.82– (25)

2. Toyota $21.77 — (26)

3. Honda $14.30 — (46)

4. Mercedes $13.74 — (53)

5. Porsche $12.02 — (65)

6. Nissan $8.61 — (86)

7. Ford $7.04 — *

8. VW $6.99 —

9. Audi $3.62 —

10. Renault $3.26 —

Source: Autonews
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