BMW i3 Production Model teased. July 29 Unveil

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The soon-to-be-unveiled BMW i3 production model has lately been regular with making news. The latest to have emerged about the upcoming electric car from the Bavarian automaker is that the car will be unveiled on July 29th.

What we have here is a video that teases the launch of the much hyped electric car.

The i3 will be the first of the BMW i range of cars and the next i car to be headed our way is the equally talked-about i8 sportscar.

The i3 is basically a futuristic looking vehicle that combines modern technology with the convenience of a four-door hatchback. There are good chances that the car will be promoted as an intra city personal transport option.

Powering the car is an electric motor that has a max power output of 170bhp and a peak torque figure of 250Nm. Enough to propel the car to 100 kmph from standstill in 8 seconds, we reckon. The car has a moderate top speed of 150kmph.

The BMW i3 production model will go on sale in two variants. The cheaper of these two variants will have a range of 130-160km and this version could cost about 40,000 Euros. The pricier of the two variants will have a a range extender (read: a 650cc, 2 cyl engine from BMW Motorrad). Coupled with a range extender, the i3 will have a range of about 300kms.

BMW India hasn’t yet announced any plans of bringing the i3 to our fast developing car market. However, with our car buying lot warming up to the fast emerging niche segments, we won’t be too surprised to see the i3 coming to us sometime after its international debut.

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