BMW G 310 R Transformed Into A Neo-Retro Scrambler By K-Speed Customs

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The BMW G 310 R, even in its stock form, is a rather handsome-looking motorcycle but the one featured here, takes the cool quotient several notches above! Dubbed as ‘Road Rumbler’, this custom G 310 R is the brainchild of K-Speed Customs, a Thailand-based custom shop that has managed to make the headlines, yet again! If you are not familiar with their craft, chances are, you are relatively new to the customization scene because they have been dishing out rad custom builds for years!

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The ‘Road Rumbler’ featured here looks rather minimalistic but one good look at the images and you would know that it indeed works in its favour.

BMW G 310 R K Speed Customs (4)

One of the most distinct identities of a BWM has to be their signature M-Sport colours and they have been beautifully splattered here on the tank and the belly pan. The M-Sport colours manage to bring out the well-sculpted lines of this custom build in a more aesthetic way. The white powder-coated wheels also echo the white paint found elsewhere, as well as the rear monoshock spring.

BMW G 310 R K Speed Customs (1)

The tailpiece is virtually non-existent and is custom made. The pillion seat has been done away with because practicality is considered to be boring when your head is occupied with wild imaginations.

BMW G 310 R K Speed Customs (2)

The stock tyres are replaced by what seems to be a pair of dual-purpose tyres and there’s also a two-into-one undertail exhaust setup that should sound as good as it looks. The minimalistic tone of the whole build is reflected at the front end as well as it features a more retro-looking LED unit that sits right above the front fender. This neo-retro Scrambler also makes use of tiny bar-end mirrors. Form over function, what’s that?

BMW G 310 R K Speed Customs (3)


We don’t see many fine examples of a customized BMW G 310 R and even if there were a lot of examples to compare this particular build with, the ‘Road Rumbler’ would still manage to stand out. We are pretty much convinced that it even weighs considerably lesser than the stock motorcycle which should make it even more nimble.

BMW G 310 R K Speed Customs

K-Speed customs has carved out a rather neat-looking and minimalistic Neo-retro Scrambler out of the BMW G 310 R. The ‘Road Rumbler’ should pave way for other customization houses to consider the G 310 R as a blank canvas to paint their imagination on.

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