BMW Dynamic Parking Prediction will automatically find parking spots for you

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For those of us who commute to wherever it is, traffic blockage is the greatest hurdle. Once we reach our destination, we are most likely to encounter the second hurdle – finding a suitable parking spot. It isn’t uncommon to meander about the same lane trying to get that one spot. This not only is a sheer waste of time, but we also end up burning a lot more fuel than required. Carmakers have been quick to dish out self-parking systems, but this tech still relies on the human being to find a spot. However, seems like the Bavarians are on to something that should relieve us of this drab chore. BMW calls it ‘Dynamic Parking Prediction’.


Finding parking spaces in busy areas becomes an irritating chore. (Image for illustration only)

BMW will showcase its Dynamic Parking Prediction at TU-Automotive Detroit. The demo car that BMW will use to display this new technology will be their all-electric i3 hatchback. This tech will be part of the current ‘Connected Navigation’. The latter isn’t very different from most others of similar nature. It uses real-time traffic information to predict delays en-route due to road blockage, traffic jams etc. The company aims to push the realms of this technology and inculcate the learnings into their Dynamic Parking Prediction system. BMW has also developed an all-new search algorithm which will make use of movement data from other vehicles.

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A BMW i3 has been used as a test mule for the Dynamic Parking Prediction system.

BMW says that the Dynamic Parking Prediction system uses data received from vehicle fleets as of now. An algorithm then uses the data and searches for vehicle movements within a given location/city. After some complex computing, the system displays palpable information to the driver on a digital map. You can then go to the location, which, according to BMW, will have empty parking spots waiting for you.


Dynamic Parking Prediction will display available spaces for you to park. (Image for illustration only)

Once in regular use, the Dynamic Parking Prediction system will be a boon for all drivers, alike. That said, this system has just one pitfall as far as we can see. To work properly, the prediction tool requires a lot data from other vehicles. The more the number of vehicles providing data, the more accurate this system will be, says BMW. However, we reckon that Dynamic Parking Prediction will not be as far-fetched as fully autonomous cars. This means that other carmakers too can dive into this area of research and contribute.

BMW X6 xDrive 40d India review (71)

All the cameras and sensors aside, you still need to find an empty parking spot.

Martin Hauschild, BMW Head of Traffic Technology and Traffic Management says, “There is a clear demand from customers living in large cities for a system capable of predicting on-street parking availability. Through its collaboration with INRIX, the BMW Group aims to continue setting the benchmark in urban mobility into the future.” The Dynamic Parking Prediction system was tested in Munich earlier in 2015 and was concluded as being successful. BMW says that this system can be made to work in other cities as well, it’s just a matter of time.

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