BMW 1 series sedan in pipeline. 2015 launch

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How does the prospect of being able to buy a BMW sedan for the price of a Skoda Superb sounds to you? Come 2015 and your hard earned 18 lakh of rupees would be enough to fulfil your wish of owning a BMW sedan.

Regulars here might remember that we were one of the first few to report that the Bavarian car maker is seriously considering coming up with a ‘smaller than 3 series’ sedan and now, it has emerged that the luxury car manufacturer has started with the development of the new entry level sedan.

The new BMW 1 Series sedan, as is obvious, will be a derivative of the new 1 Series hatchback that is headed our way and will employ the same engines as the 5 door body variant.

While the 1 series sedan, in true BMW fashion, will be a front engined car, the powered wheels will be the front and not the rear. International markets will get the Four-wheel drive option. However, safely expect India to miss on this premium variant. BMW will put to use its new UKL (an acronym for the German words ‘unter klasse’, i.e. ‘entry level’ in English) platform. The UKL is BMW’s answer to Mercedes MFA and VW MQB platforms.

BMW’s new modular platform will spawn out as many as 12 FWD entry level luxury cars. BMW feels that the entry level premium/luxury cars will  be among the fastest growing segments in near future.

Luxury looks all set to get affordable!

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