Bengaluru’s first modified Mahindra Mojo goes matte grey and red


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The thoroughly tested Mahindra Mojo made its much awaited debut in the Indian market in October last year and we rode one on some of the most scenic roads of Southern India. Mahindra also surprised visitors at the 2016 Auto Expo by showcasing the scrambler and adventure concepts based on the Mojo.

The Mojo’s design received polarising responses from the motorcycling community and so we were expecting to see some cosmetically enhanced mod-jobs from the owners of Mahindra’s flagship motorcycle. So without further ado, here’s Bengaluru’s first modified Mahindra Mojo, and probably India’s first too.

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This mod-job is only about cosmetic enhancement. The stock gold finished chassis has been re-painted in racing red, while the same paint is also featured on the handlebar, the fuel tank stripe, and on the plastic claddings surrounding the radiator. The original black paint was replaced by a matte grey finish while the only part to remain in the stock shade is the front suspension forks that continue to wear the copper yellow paint. The under-belly protector too gets a paint upgrade with the addition of the red paint.

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Upfront, the OEM headlights as well as the small windshield have been removed and are replaced by horizontally positioned dual LED Strips. These LED headlamps, 18 watts each, are said to be 3 kgs lighter than the stock headlights. The stock handlebar too has been replaced with a flatter unit from KTM 390 Duke and so has been the front fender.

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The seat too has been customized to provide better comfort to the pillion rider. The tail has been completely removed and the number plate is now mounted on the rear tyre hugger. The stock turn indicators have been replaced by LED units. The complete mod-job came with a bill of approximately Rs 37,000 which may seem slightly on the higher side but the customisation process took quite some time and effort as the motorcycle was completely dismantled to re-paint the chassis.

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Mechanical bits remain stock as this Mojo continues to draw power from the stock 300cc motor that continues to produce 26.82 bhp of power at 8,000 RPM and 30 Nm of torque at 5,500 RPM. This power is sent to the rear wheel with the help of a 6 speed transmission.

We believe this modified Mahindra Mojo is a definite head turner. In a good way or bad? Why don’t you tell us. Checkout the full image gallery of this customised Mojo and share your views with us through the comments section below.

Image courtesy: Allen Anand

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Modified Mahindra Mojo (5)
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