B&B Dials the Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG to 450 PS

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B&B Automobiltechnik has unveiled their new tuning program for the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG. B&B has devised a three-tier motor tuning programme for the entry level AMG tuned sedan from the German car maker.


The Stage 1 ECU remap results in revised fuel, ignition and turbo boost curves,increase power and torque to 400 hp and 510 Nm respectively. This entry-level conversion costs just 1,298 euro incl. VAT. The Stage 2 adds an air intake system with improved ram effect, and the B&B exhaust downpipe for reduced exhaust back-pressure and exhaust gas temperature. With the ECU mapping optimised around these hardware changes, the total output is now bumped up to 425 hp with 540 Nm of torque. Stage 2, including installation, costs 3,950 euro incl. VAT.


The Stage 3 involves a bespoke turbocharger, an enhanced cold air intake system and exhaust downpipe from Stage 2, and bespoke ECU mapping to suit the new hardware. This takes the total output to 450 hp with 580 Nm of torque. Stage 3 is priced at 6,950 euro, incl. VAT and installation.

All three ECU remaps also adapt the shift protocols of the AMG Speedshift transmission to the uprated engine performance, and remove the 250 km/h top speed limiter. Thus, with the Stage 3, you can happily touch 296 kmph.


Apart from the remaps, customers can also order a coilover suspension, a high-efficiency oil cooling system and sport spring that reduce the ride height 30mm front / 25mm rear. The company also offers a high-performance braking system and 20-inch alloy wheels.

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