Bangalore residents rent superbikes via Uber in a one-day promotional activity for uberMOTO

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In a bid to promote one of its services, UberMOTO, American multinational online transportation network company, Uber gave the residents of Bangalore an opportunity to experience riding a superbike.

Uber partnered with Bangalore-based premium bike rental Wicked Ride to offer free test-rides of premium and powerful motorcycles on Saturday, May 14, 2016. The four-hour activity allowed Bangalore residents to book free rides of premium motorcycles at their door step. Folks who do not ride a motorcycle or weren’t confident enough to ride a superbike got a ride on the pillion seat.

Uber Moto Bike Taxi

The test-ride was limited to 15-minutes where Uber users had to book a superbike for a test ride. It was mandatory for the user to be over 21-years of age, have valid driving license, riding safety gear and a valid pan-card. The user’s were also directed ride the motorcycle complying with the Motor Vehicle laws, rules notifications, and other general laws. The decision to ride or be a pillion for the ride was at the discretion of Wickedride solely.

As aforementioned, the activity was primarily aimed to promote uberMOTO, Uber’s bike sharing product. uberMOTO enables riders to tap a button and get a motorbike ride in minutes and is priced at an affordable price of Rs 3/KM.

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