Bajaj Qute – Five Things Which Make It Unique

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The Bajaj Qute is currently being launched in a phased manner across India. Just yesterday, it was launched in Maharashtra at INR 2,78,492 (CNG, Commercial use) and INR 2,48,061 (Petrol, Personal use). Built to present itself as an efficient solution for urban transportation, it has a small footprint, is efficient, and although it is a no-frills vehicle, there are a few things about it which make it pretty unique.

Segment Starter


The Bajaj Qute is the first vehicle in the very segment that it created in India. While it was launched internationally a long time ago, the cute little Qute had to fight a long battle for the authorities to create a new segment of vehicles altogether, called ‘Quadricycle’.

It is not a Car


For creating its very own category, the Bajaj Qute makes it very clear that it isn’t a car. It isn’t anything else, but a Quadricycle. Why does it do that? Because had it been a car, there are different rules, regulations, and norms it had to comply and that would’ve simply been impossible for something with such a tiny footprint. So a motorcycle with four wheels then? No! It is a Quadricycle!

It Is Powered By A Motorcycle’s Engine


Powering the Qute is a 216cc, single-cylinder, DTSi engine which cranks out 13.1 PS @ 5,500 rpm and 18.9 Nm at 4,000 rpm. There’s a CNG version available too, where the same engine churns out 11 PS and 16.1 Nm. The motor is paired with a 5-speed gearbox and the top whack this Qute little thing can hit is 70 km/h. Where the petrol-powered variant gets an 8-litre fuel tank, the CNG variant gets a 35-litre cylinder. Fuel efficient, the Qute is rated for 43 km/kg (CNG) and 35 km/l (Petrol). The Qute is eco-friendly and lets out at least 40% lower carbon emissions than any car.

Sequential Gearbox

Bajaj Qute Gear shift

If you’re an enthusiast, you know what it is. For the uninitiated, a sequential gearbox is a straightforward manual gearbox, where you don’t need to row the stick between gates. You simply push or pull the lever down to upshift and downshift, which makes the process quicker and even more enjoyable.

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Cooling Vents Of A Different Kind


For a hot country like India, if there is a vehicle with doors and windows and a roof, it cannot not have an air conditioner. But because the Qute is so tiny in proportions, fitting an air conditioning system in it was impossible. So instead, Bajaj carved out vents in the front bumper and devised a way for that air to channel through vents which open up on the A-pillar. Innovative it might be, but it won’t work when the vehicle is at a standstill and when the weather is too hot, the hot air won’t do the occupants any good. I do have a Bajaj cooler at home and it works really well. Maybe using a similar method to filter the air, water to cool it down, and a fan to make it work at a standstill can be tried whenever they plan an upgrade.

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