Bajaj CT100 vs Hero Splendor Plus vs TVS Star Sport vs Honda CD110: Tech Spec Comparo

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Bajaj recently revived its entry level commuter, the CT100 and is currently targeting the motorcycle to tier II and tier III cities. But what about the competitors? The prime rivals for Bajaj in this segment of motorcycles are Hero, Honda and TVS. So we compare technical specifications of four entry level commuter motorcycles – Bajaj CT100, Hero Splendor Plus, Honda CD110 and TVS Star Sport.

2015 Bajaj CT100 - Cover Image

Here are how the motorcycles measure up against each other on paper:

Models Bajaj CT100 Hero HF Deluxe TVS Star Sport Honda CD110


Cubic Capacity (cc) 99.3 97.2 99.7 109
Power (PS @ RPM) 8.2 @ 7500 8.36 @ 8000 7.5 @ 7500 8.4 @ 7500
Torque (Nm @ RPM) 8.05 @ 4500 8.05 @ 5000 7.5 @ 5000 8.63 @ 5500


Length (mm) 1945 1965 2017 2009
Width (mm) 770 720 804 737
Height (mm) 1072 1045 1195 1074
Wheelbase (mm) 1270 1235 1250 1258
Ground Clearance (mm) 169 165 165 179
Seat Height (inch) 26.7 27.1 25.5 27.5
Kerb Weight (kg) 108 112 95 105

Hero HF Deluxe

The Honda CD110 churns out more power than other products in this comparison. The Japanese motorcycle delivers 804 PS of power and 8.63 Nm of torque from its 110cc motor. The Hero HF Deluxe comes second with a power output of 8.36 PS and torque of 8.05 Nm from its 97.2cc engine. The Bajaj CT100 delivers 8.2 PS of power and 8.05 Nm of torque from its 99.3cc engine thus securing the third position while the TVS Star Sport has the lowest power output in this comparison. The TVS Star Sport is capable of churning out 7.5 PS of power and 7.5 Nm of torque from its 99.7cc engine.

Honda - CD110

Here are the ex-showroom Delhi prices of these motorcycles:

  • Bajaj CT100 = Rs 35,034
  • Hero HF Deluxe = Rs 43,000
  • TVS Star Sport = Rs 39,990
  • Honda CD110 = Rs 43,461

The Bajaj CT100, at Rs 35,034, is the most affordable motorcycle in this comparison and we believe that is a key advantage in this segment of products. This is how these products stack up against each other. So which motorcycle would you like to bring back home? Do let us know your thoughts and opinions through the comments section below.

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