Bajaj Auto Chakan plant strike ends, workers resume work unconditionally

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Bajaj Chakan plant strike Rajiv Bajaj

The strike at Bajaj Auto’s Chakan plant has finally come to an end. In an official statement released by the Pune based company today, it has been announced that the workers have decided to resume work unconditionally. Bajaj Auto MD Rajiv Bajaj has thanked his workers for taking the wise step, and for finally understanding their ‘erroneous choice of direction’.

In an official message to all the stakeholders in the company and the plant, Rajiv Bajaj has praised the workmen at Chakan who showed the courage to continue to come to work even during the strike. He has also promised the workers that the cases 22 suspended workers will be considered objectively and sympathetically in the collective interest of all stakeholders.

Here’s a copy of the official statement from Bajaj Auto, as letter from MD Rajiv Bajaj to the stakeholders

Bajaj Chakan Plant Strike

Mumbai, August 13,2013: A strike never ends in a win-win situation; it is invariably a lose-lose proposition for all involved, not only in financial terms, but also in terms of internal morale and external reputation.

I am very pleased that the VKKS union has unconditionally called off their strike at Chakan; more importantly, I hope that their decision is a reflection of their understanding, however late, of their erroneous choice of direction.

I am certain that the vast majority of the workmen at Chakan never supported the union’s stand, and that in the end this has been the most important reason why the VKKS union has had to call off their strike.

We received outstanding support from those workmen at Chakan who had the courage and the clarity to continue to come to work, from the engineers and workmen at Akurdi and Waluj who did their utmost to establish the production of Pulsar at Waluj, and from all our vendors; I thank them all most sincerely.

We are grateful to all the local authorities as also to the Government leadership at the state and the national level who have stood by us.

I compliment the COO Mr. Pradeep Shrivastava, Vice President (Manufacturing) Mr. Kailash Zanzari, and their colleagues for their wise leadership in the interest of both the workmen and the organization.

On behalf of the management I assure all the 22 workmen who are suspended pending enquiry that their cases will be considered objectively and sympathetically in the collective interest of all stakeholders.

The Chakan Plant was established basis the theme “we are proud of our nation, and we work to make our nation proud.”

That is why we refer to it as our production laboratory where we make high technology motorcycles for export all over the world.

I trust that everyone who returns to work at Chakan does so with this theme uppermost in his mind.

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