Auto Expo 2014 LIVE : Datsun hints of Datsun redi-GO Concept

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We are reporting LIVE from  Auto Expo 2014 and Datsun gives hints of possible way ahead with Datsun redi-GO concept. Here are some of the details and images from the launch.

Auto Expo 2014 LIVE : Datsun hints of Datsun redi-GO Concept

(Auto Expo 2014: Exhaustive Live Coverage – Images, Details and Reports)

Datsun’s possible future is revealed by a dramatic new concept being given its world premier at the 12th Delhi Auto Expo 2014 – the Datsun redi-GO concept.  It expresses the excitement of “ready to go” before people start their days journey.


Shiro Nakamura, SVP and Chief Creative Officer, said: “Although Datsun redi-GO Concept is just that – a concept – it shows clearly the way we are thinking. It’s an ambitious styling exploration but, being a Datsun, it is a logical design, too”

  • Designed to capture the imagination of India’s rising generation.
  • Refreshing crossover of hatchback bodystyle and SUV cues in a concept that imagines a new style of vehicle of India.
  • Reflects Datsun’s key values of modernity, quality and inventive-thinking.

The raised body and large wheel arches offer greater ground clearance allowing the car to cope better with challenging road surfaces, while the commanding driving position gives drivers an enhanced – and therefore safer – view over the traffic ahead.

Although the concept remains a styling study at this stage, were it to be put into production it would be priced to target established compact hatchbacks delivering a compelling mix of modernity, quality and innovation.


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