Auto Expo 2014 LIVE: Bajaj RE60 Signature Collection by Christopher Hogan [Images & Details]


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We are reporting LIVE from Auto Expo 2014 and seen here in the images is the new Bajaj RE60 Signature Collectiony by Christopher Hogan.

(Auto Expo 2014: Exhaustive Live Coverage – Images, Details and Reports)


From the dawn of  the Industrial  Revolution,  design engineers have used the automobile body as a means through which they could  express their artistic visions. Rarely, however, does the body of the car become the canvas upon which the art, not  design, becomes the primary focus of the artistic expression. Featured at the Auto Expo 2014 is the new Bajaj RE60 Signature Collection, a set of eye-­‐popping, vibrantly painted Bajaj RE60 models. The showcased collection represents an association between Bajaj Auto Ltd. and the renowned Australian artist and sculptor, Christopher Hogan.

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Talking about his creations, Christopher said,”With my Bajaj RE60 Signature Quadricycles,I have designed and personally hand-­‐painted each one in my contemporary abstract macro style to represent symbolically five national icons that along with Bajaj Auto represent the very fabric of the Indian culture.

Colour is such an integral ingredient in Indian way of life that it was a importan tconsideration in my finished creations and eachof the Tiger, Lotus, Mango, Peacock, BanyanTree, vibrantly coloured designs reflect this.”

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