Author sets Mini Bike World Record

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In the biking world- there seems to be an endless string of efforts with people trying to set a record with their motorcycle. For example in our country, endurance runs such as IBA Saddlesores and Bunburners once upon a time wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea- blame the lack of good bikes then. But today, modern tech 150cc motorcycles are capable enough of doing an all-day 100 kph run without breaking a sweat. No wonder today one sees hundreds of IBA Endurance run finishers from India.

Kevin Beanre motorcycle record

Getting back to the record thingie, Kevin Bean’re- Author of the popular book “Motorcycle Nomad” got his hands into doing something different to get into the record books. With plans of attending the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Kevin rode from Louisville Kentucky to South Dakota covering a distance of 2265 kms (1407.6 miles) on a 49cc pocket mini bike.

Kevin Beanre pocket bike record

What makes the ride more enduring is that Kevin measures at a rather tall 6.1 feet and riding a bike less than half his height wasn’t the most comfortable job in the world. Kevin added his own dose of fun to the ride by dressing up in stars and stripes outfit customized for the event with matching helmet and socks. And though he was upto the challenge throughout the journey without fuss, he did manage to get into trouble while being chased by a funnel cloud on the way and on another occasion when the handlebars fell off during a fuel stop.

Kevin has managed to beat the existing record set by William Rodgers who rode 819 kms (509 miles)….and by a huge margin.

Anyone here planning for a similar stint? We guess not! Potholes in this part of the world are just as big as a pocket bike itself.


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  • Chuck Netzhammer says:

    All show, no go! Still waiting on the info I have asked you for many times. What is the exact, make and model, year of the pitbike, and did you register it as an moped with KY? For some reason you are ducking the questions everywhere I ask you.You claimed on Louisville Vintage FB page to use a loophole to get it legal. I checked the KY laws, and would like know the exact model. If you feel you cannot answer that question. In lieu of an answer, I HEREBY CHALLENGE YOU TO AN CROSS COUNTRY RACE OR IRONBUTT 1000 ,1500 ride using IBR rules. NO trailers, vans or 4 wheel support or any kind. Just a bike with a spot tracer, and vidieo all the time.