Audi Twin Cup 2017: Audi India Bags First Place In Technology In The World Finals

Audi India Bags First Place In Technology In The World Finals. All details about the contest, images, rankings.

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Teams of technicians and service advisors from 33 countries applied their skills and expertise to a range of tests in the global championship for the 13th edition of the Audi International Twin Cup in Seville, Spain. The team from Audi India has claimed the first position in the “Technology” category in the International finals of the Audi Twin Cup 2017.

As many as 65 teams from Audi Dealers from 33 countries had qualified in national competitions for the final contest held near Seville. During the two-day after-sales world championship, the participants were confronted with realistic service and workshop situations ranging from conducting dialogue with customers at the service reception to diagnosing hidden defects and carrying out repairs according to manufacturer specifications and standards.


The focus was on digitalization: the teams displayed their product knowledge and technical expertise in areas such as infotainment system and virtual cockpit for example.

Year 2017 marked the 13th time the practical finals were being held. This year’s participants once again demonstrated a premium service mindset and team spirit to offer the Audi customers a superior and consistent service experience worldwide.

In addition to the India winners, the team at second place from Audi Romania also performed impressively. The Technology category team from Japan took the third place. In the Service Category, Team Finland took the top position, followed by team Australia at the second place and team Japan at the third place. In the Twin category, Germany took the top position, followed by team USA and team Switzerland at second and third place respectively.

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