Audi RS6 attains 240 km/hr with 870 kg of hashish on board!


The common belief among the masses is that only automotive journalists and rally/race car drivers drive in pedal-to-the-metal fashion. Well sometimes even drug dealers go flat out, as this happening suggests.  A drug dealer in Spain got caught after a failed attempt to outrun the cops in an Audi RS6 Avant. The car caught the attention of a police patrol vehicle as it was carrying a huge load which had tremendously reduced its ground clearance.

Audi RS6, drug haul, spain, police chase

The driver was continuously maintaining a speed northwards of 200 km/hr before the road got clogged with heavy traffic allowing the police officers to apprehend him. The chase lasted for a distance of over 20 kilometers in which the Audi attained a max speed of 240 km/hr! Phew! He surely had his share of fun in allowing all the 580 horses to gallop down the A-49 highway connecting Huelva and Seville.

Audi RS6 spain

There was a reason for the drug dealer to engage in some spirited driving. The Audi RS6 was stacked with 27 bags containing around 870 kilograms of hashish!  According to the police, that much quantity of hashish has a street value of about  120,000 Euros. That amount is roughly 10,000 euros less than the price of a brand new RS6 in Spain. The Spanish police was able to catch the driver owing to the traffic pile up on the highway. Otherwise the outcome would have been different.

Image source: worldcarfans


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