Audi R8 V10 goes up in flames

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AUdi R8 V10 burnt (1)

Internal combustion engines burn fuel to propel a vehicle forward, could also go backwards if you know how to reverse. However, if the internal combustion goes external, it will surely propel you into a state of shock. The shock is even bigger if your ride is an exotic super-car. An Audi R8 V10 has reduced to Ashes in London and the pictures here will definitely invoke nostalgia in the minds of those who remember a similar incident that happened in the city of Mumbai in 2013. (Read about it here)

AUdi R8 V10 burnt (5)

The fire has melted almost everything, except the front, which suggests the source of ignition was either in the cabin or in the engine bay. No further details are available, however, our heart goes out for the owner and the car. Perhaps the saddest way for a car to depart.

AUdi R8 V10 burnt (4) AUdi R8 V10 burnt (3) AUdi R8 V10 burnt (2)

Source: Thesupercarkids

Picture Courtesy: Abdullah Zulfikar

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