Audi Q8 e-tron electric SUV in pipeline! 2018 Launch

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News comes from the good chaps at Autocar UK that an all-electric SUV from Audi, the Inglostadt based premium car maker, is in the making and the upcoming model, which will be sold under the Q8 e-tron moniker, would become a direct rival to upcoming Tesla X SUV.

The upcoming Audi Q8 e-tron will be powered by electric technology that will be shared with the upcomnig R8 e-tron. The electric powertrain will get its juice from a new-age rechargeable battery. Engineers at Audi are aiming to achieve a range of 370 miles. It is expected that the Q8 e-tron will have a large battery pack, of at least 80kWh. It is being said that the car would be have its launch in 2017-18. Talking about the R8 e-tron electric supercar, it would get a new electric powertrain boasting of twin electric motorsb and a max power of 376bhp. As the R8 e-tron need not be as practical as the Q8 SUV, it will have a slightly lower range of around 250 miles.


— Audi R8 e-tron

It is highly likely that the upcomnig super-luxury Q8, which will benefit from Quattro all wheel drive tech, will get conventional petrol and diesel engines. We won’t be surprised if it gets a 
plug-in hybrid powertrain as well! Also on the cards is a high performance SQ8 variant. 

The Audi Q8 will share plenty with the next Q7, which would make its public debut later this year. However, the Q8 would look far sleeker and more premium. The Q8 will go on sale in both five and seven seat layout. The Q8 will be underpinned by VW’s new MLB-evo platform, which boasts of a mix of cast, extruded and stamped aluminium and also high-strength steels.

As per a source placed inside Audi, the new platform has resulted into weight savings of more than 300kgs for the new Q7.

Stay tuned to Motoroids for more updates on both the next gen Audi Q7 and the upcoming Audi Q8 e-tron

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