Audi India Launches A7 & RS5

Audi launched A7 and RS5 In India

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Audi India has added another gem in their crown by launching the characterful A7. The A7 takes you to a whole new world of a car design, especially so for the luxury segment. Targeted towards the young executive car enthusiast who would get hold of the steering wheel, than sit behind, the car fuses luxury with pleasurable driving experience.

The A7’s design is more about panache and flamboyance than mere elegance. It reeks of sporty character and innovative technology. The Ingolstadt based company is targeting a new market segment with the Audi A7 Sportback. The dynamically accentuated rear end is the hallmark of this large five-door model’s design. It strives at fusing the sporty elegance of a coupe, the comfort of a sedan and the practicality of a station wagon.

Apart from styling, the A7 is also a technology exhibition. Its body is very lightweight thanks to numerous aluminum components. The elegant interior shows a craftsman’s level of workmanship. The sporty chassis comes with new solutions, such as electromechanical power steering.


Audi Launched A7 in India


In India the A7 Sportback will be offered in two engine preferences – a powerful 3.0 liter V6 TDi with 245bhp power and a gut wrenching 50.98kgm of torque. The other engine is the clean, but mean petrol 3.0 lit TFSi.
The car is priced at Rs 64 lakh ex-Delhi for the basic A7, both petrol and diesel, while the top notch deluxe model comes with host of goodies costing at 85 lakhs. If you wish to buy one, the deliveries will start from May itself.


Audi Launched A7 in India


Audi India Launched Audi RS5

Apart from the A7, Audi also got a small surprise for us with the stunning RS5 Coupe. This mean power menace monster has a 4.2 lit V8 which is picked from the R8. Now 4.2 V8 is really big and so are the power numbers which read 444bhp and the torque of 43.96kgm. 0 – 100 comes in a quick 4.6 seconds, but there sadly is a speed limiter which limits the speed to 250 km\hr. Talking about transmission, it’s is a seven speed DSG unit. Availability is limited to 20 – 30 units and priced at 76 lakhs ex-Delhi.


Audi India Launched Audi RS5


Audi India Launched Audi RS5

With both these cars Audi has changed its typical executive back seat car maker image in India to appeal to a power hungry and fresh design freak executive. Tell us what do you think?

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