Audi A4 Facelift: A Proper Bang For Your Buck!

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The Audi A4 can be referred to as the most ‘underrated’ entry-level luxury sedan among the big three. Those who want bling would go for the three-pointed star and those who prefer driving pleasure go for a BMW. However, people tend to forget about the A4 and the fact that it undercuts its rivals by a significant margin! Could the A4 be the jack of all trades? Let’s find out:


Now the A4 may not have the visual drama of its competition but it has a charm of its own. Its understated design will surely age well as time goes by. It’s not all boring as well, it gets Audi’s signature LED lighting and dynamic turn indicators. The A4 is perfect for those who don’t want to scream about their prized possession. The overall design is also more of an evolution of the previous iterations which makes it unmistakably an Audi. All in all, the A4 does have some visual appeal which may not be to everyone’s tastes.

Audi a4 facelift review front quarter


The interior again follows a clean and understated design. There’s no radical use of materials or swoopy lines, just a simple upright dashboard with a continuous A/C vent running across it. Where the A4 really impresses is the fit, finish and it’s build quality. It easily aces the competition when it comes to the quality of materials used. The interiors feel well built and they will surely stand against the test of time. The equipment list is healthy too with Audi’s virtual cockpit, electric seats with memory function, wireless phone charger, 10.1 MMI touchscreen infotainment, and park assist function. Space is decent for four passengers and the boot space is good too at 460 litres.

Audi A4 facelift interior


The 2.0 TSI may not have the class-leading power figures but at 17.42 km/l, it is the most efficient in its class. Also, the A4 is second only to the BMW 330i when it comes to numbers at 190hp and 320nm of torque. The 2.0 TSI and 7 speed DSG combo are way better when compared to the other rivals. The 0-100 km/h time of around 7 seconds isn’t too shabby either. The engine is right up there on top when it comes to refinement. All in all, you won’t feel the need for extra power as the A4 has more than enough shove for you and on top of that, it is efficient as well.

Audi A4 facelift review virtual cockpit

Ride and handling

The Audi A4 has arguably the best ride and handling balance in its class. The suspension soaks up all the bumps well and it takes everything in its stride. Also, the suspension isn’t too soft for you to feel uneasy on highways. It is rock solid on highways and confident on corners. Of course, there are better options in the class that offer a better steering feel and balance, but the A4 should suffice the majority of people when it comes to handling.

Audi A4 facelift review front


The Audi A4 is really hard to go wrong with especially at its price point. Priced between ₹43.19 and ₹47.61 Lakh the A4 is the cheapest luxury sedan in its class. And when you consider the powertrain, fit and finish, the understated design, and the ride and handling package, the A4 is hard to fault. Of course, there are some things which could be improved upon such as the fun-to-drive factor and space on offer. But the A4 comes off as a no-nonsense option at this price.

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