Is Motorcycle GPS Tracker Necessary?

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Motorcycle owners often claim that having a motorcycle not only brings a lot of joy, but also challenges. On the one hand, they want to ride it everywhere while on the other hand, the security of the motorcycle becomes an issue. GPS tracker is often mentioned as one of the best solutions that would help to protect the motorcycle. But is it really necessary and useful?

GPS tracker is the best anti-theft device

Motorcycle GPS tracker is a device that provides you with information of the actual location of your bike. In case of theft, a GPS tracker is a fastest and most reliable tool to locate your property. This means that a stolen motorcycle that does not have a GPS tracker may be searched for months. And there is no guarantee that he will be found. Meanwhile, a motorcycle with this device speeds up the search process and facilitates the work of the police. Therefore, you can expect to get your motorcycle back even on the same day

Live tracking

A big advantage of GPS is the ability to track the location of the motorcycle on the map in real-time. Live tracking allows you to see whether the motorcycle is moving or it was parked. The ability to track the location of a motorcycle is also useful when renting your bike or giving it for friends to ride. Anyway, it really gives some extra peace of mind for sure.



GPS tracker settings allow you to select settings to be notified by alarm call or message to your phone as soon as the movement of your motorcycle from your current location is detected. This way, if you are near the location where your motorcycle is parked, you can react quickly and avoid theft. Also, having a GPS tracker alarm system set eliminates the need to constantly look out the window in order to check if your motorcycle is still standing in the same place. It is a useful thing, indeed! Isn’t it?

Keeping track of useful data

More advanced tracking systems not only provide information of your motorbike’s location. They also collect data such as number of miles you have covered, fuel usage and maintenance services. All the data that was mentioned before helps to orientate better on long trips by bike. It also helps to plan the expenses as well as the service visits for future trips.

Reduced price of the insurance

The benefits of a GPS tracker are also recognized by insurance companies. That is why they often offer discounts on insurance for motorcycles that have a GPS tracker installed. This is seen as an additional protection that ensures that the motorcycle will not be stolen. And even if it was stolen, it will be found soon. In this way, the insurance company in one way or another ensures that in the event of an accident it will not have to pay the full amount, and therefore provides a discount for insurance services.

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