Ather Energy Announces A New Referral Program In Bengaluru And Chennai

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The first product of the Bangalore-based EV startup Ather Energy, the Ather 450 has been one of the most loved electric scooters. The company is trying to use all its potential resources for growth in the Indian EV market. This festive season, the Ather 450 comes with added benefits and an exciting offer. The startup has introduced a new referral program that will benefit their existing customers as well as new owners with monetary credits worth INR 2500.


The referral program is already live in Bengaluru and Chennai. As a part of the program, existing Ather 450 owners can share a referral code with their friends. If a purchase is made using the referral code, then both the owners receive monetary credits worth Rs 2,500 each. Initially, there was a longer wait period for the delivery, but in order to enjoy maximum benefit from the increase in demand these days, Ather Energy has now made sure that all the pre-ordered Ather 450s are delivered within three weeks of payment.

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Ather had earlier introduced an easy ownership plan, where the company offered an exchange of any 2-wheeler for Ather 450. The other step taken by the company was India’s first two wheeler lease program, where customers could buy a subscription for the scooter. The company is also benefiting from all the fiscal incentives and discounts offered by the Central and State governments, in a bid to make the transition to EVs easier and beneficial. This new program during this festive season would encourage even more customers to shift towards EVs, with Ather Energy being their choice.

Ravneet Phokela, Chief Business Office Ather Energy said “A lot of the Ather 450 owners have been referring new customers and it was time we rewarded their faith in our product and brand. Most of us look to others for product and service recommendations and these recommendations come with a high level of trust. Our community of owners and the Ather Forum have been our loudest supporters and our strongest critics, allowing us to grow and improve. We have built a solid foundation since the launch of the Ather 450, and a strong relationship with our customer base, and we are hoping to strengthen our community as we enter new markets with the Ather 450X in the coming months.”

About the Ather 450X

Ather 450X comes in three colours; Grey, Green and White. The scooter is powered with a 6kW PMSM motor, a new 2.9 kWh lithium-ion battery and comes with 4 riding modes. Eco, Ride and Sport modes were available earlier. Ather is introducing a new high-performance mode, ‘Warp’, thanks to which, the Ather 450X can go from 0 to 40 kmph in just 3.3 sec in this mode. Which makes it the quickest electric scooter in its category.

The improvements in its battery have projected Indian Drive Cycle (IDC) range of 116 km and a real-life range of 85 km in city conditions. Ather 450X can charge at 1.5 km per minute, which is 50% faster than before. This even makes it the fastest charging rate in the electric two-wheeler category.

The scooter also has a 4G SIM card and Wi-Fi along with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing riders to manage phone calls and music on the touchscreen dashboard. The new 7” touchscreen dashboard, comes with a colour depth of 16M and a Snapdragon Quad-Core processor. Ather 450X utilizes Android Open Source to offer map navigation, On-board diagnostics and other unique features like Over-the-air updates, Auto Indicator off and Guide-me-home lights.

The Ather mobile app now offers personalized ride statistics, charging status, push navigation and more functions like theft & tow detection, live location & vehicle state tracking, voice assistant and welcome lights. Ather 450X can now also support connected accessories like smart helmets and tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

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