Xiaomi Partners With Lamborghini, Builds A Huracan-Styled Go-Kart

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Chinese giant Xiaomi is celebrating its 10th anniversary by creating a special edition of its fully electric Ninebot Go-Kart Pro. Now, the first name which comes in our mind, when we think about a super-car is Lamborghini. Xiaomi has partnered with this Italian giant to develop a new super go-kart. But the result is probably something more than a go-kart with a sticker of a bull slapped on the body.

The two companies have collaborated to build this exciting as well as powerful machine that’s not only faster than its standard model but also something that offers some super-car aesthetics and the emotions of riding on a Lamborghini product, attached with it.

Xiaomi Go Kart Lamborghini 5

About the Kart

The Ninebot Go-Kart Pro Lamborghini Edition uses an efficient 432-watt-hour battery pack that Xiaomi claims to easily provide a range of 15 miles(24 km). The kart comes with a top speed of 25 miles per hour (40 kmph). Now don’t let this figure deceive you to be slow. This battery has enough juice to rev around a 1,200-meter go-kart circuit for 20 laps, and on a lightweight machine, that would feel like flying around. The Ninebot can hold up to 220 pounds (100 kg) of weight which translates that even adults can ride this small yet powerful beast.

Xiaomi Go Kart Lamborghini 1

This Lamborghini Edition also features a chin splitter, a Superleggera rear wing, and also an “F1-styled” steering wheel with a functional digital speedometer and a red stripe centre for that added racer vibe. The cherry on the cake is also a four-speaker sound system that can play music with Bluetooth connectivity or emulate the typical Lamborghini grunt of either a V8 or V12.

Xiaomi Go Kart Lamborghini 7

Moreover, it gets ‘Ice Lake Blue’ LED headlamps if you’re going to drift on the track at night and it even gets custom-made tyres. The cost of this bright yellow super go-kart is $1,500 USD ( INR 1.10 lakh). That’s not a price tag one sees on any Xiaomi product, in fact, this special edition is about double the price of the standard Ninebot, that one doesn’t have a rear wing or a splitter, and its range is also lower at 13.7 miles. The top speed is also down quite a bit at only 15 mph. However, both models have a handbrake and a foot brake, allowing drivers to drift this little go-kart at will.

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