Aston Martin Rapide AMR And V8 Vantage S Great Britain Edition Arrive At Shanghai Auto Show

Aston Martin Rapide AMR And V8 Vantage S Great Britain Edition Arrive At Shanghai Auto Show. Here are more details and images.

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The Shanghai Auto Show marks the Chinese debut of luxury British brand Aston Martin’s high-performance brand AMR, bringing a new dimension of race inspired dynamism and performance. Reflecting Aston Martin’s racing pedigree, AMR takes technology and inspiration from motorsport to amplify the sporting prowess present across the model range. With enhanced performance, sharper dynamics and more powerful design language, AMR takes Aston Martin’s road cars to new and exciting extremes.


Making its Asia debut, the Rapide AMR represents the first tier of AMR, enhancing the four-door sports car with a comprehensive suite of power, chassis and styling upgrades, plus a spectacular new interior treatment. AMR Pro is the pinnacle; an uncompromising demonstration of AMR’s ‘Track to Tarmac’ philosophy whereby race technology is transferred to road cars.

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Speaking about the AMR’s Asia debut, Aston Martin President and CEO, Dr Andy Palmer said that AMR is something that the Company has wanted to bring to fruition for some time. Cars such as the Vantage GT8 and Vantage GT12 confirmed that Aston Martin’s customers love raw, race-bred models, but the Company also knew there was an opportunity to create cars that offer a sharper performance focus but stop short of those truly hard-core, special series models. With the AMR brand Aston Marin have the perfect platform to deliver both.


The Rapide AMR unveiled here in Shanghai, and the Vantage AMR Pro shown at the 2017 Geneva show are both confirmed for production. The Rapide will be limited to 210 cars only while the Vantage will be an extremely limited series of no more than seven cars.


The second stage of Aston Martin’s enhanced offering is ‘Q by Aston Martin – Commission’, a step into the world of the truly bespoke, individual sports car. Designed through ‘Commission’ specifically for the Chinese market, the iconic British marque is announcing a special edition Vantage S sports car. Strictly limited to just five examples, the V8 Vantage S Great Britain Edition is aimed to be the perfect embodiment of British culture and craftsmanship. Finished in Stratus White, the car boasts blue tinted mirrors and rear diffuser and unique red, white and blue exterior wing badges. The interior is lavishly trimmed in a deep Aurora Blue leather, with bespoke ‘Zagato’ wave quilting, Anodised Blue Rotaries and Union Jack embroidery.


The V8 Vantage S Great Britain Edition is priced from RMB 2,088,000 (approximately INR 1.96 crore).

Aston Martin V8 Vantage S Great Britain Edition (2)
Aston Martin V8 Vantage S Great Britain Edition (1)
Aston Martin Rapide AMR (4)
Aston Martin Rapide AMR (1)
Aston Martin – AMR (3)
Aston Martin – AMR (2)

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