Another Nano perishes in flames!!

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Good things never come cheap including cars. A case in point is the world’s cheapest car a.k.a Tata Nano. Since its launch a few honest automotive journalists and majority of customers have cribbed about the poor quality of materials used in the Nano’s construction. Here’s the picture and a short write-up of true life incident which provides one more reason for not buying, driving, or hitching a ride in one.

Mr.Satish Sawant who works as an insurance agent took delivery of his brand new Nano from Tata’s Concorde Motors showroom located in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. After taking delivery of the car, Satish requested the showroom to give him a driver to take the car home as he can’t drive. The showromm obliged and they drove off towards LIC Colony in Mulund(W) where Satish stays.The duo drove off from Prabhadevi at 3pm and after crossing Bhandup reached the Navgher signal located on the Eastern Express highway around 40 minutes later. At the traffic stop, they were overtaken by a biker who signalled them to look towards the rear of the Nano. When Satish turned back, he saw the rear of the car was bellowing smoke as it had caught fire.

Satish and the driver got out of the car immediately and are safe. While speaking to the media later on about the incident, Satish said that he had no idea about what had happened and didn’t realize that the car was on fire until the passing biker pointed it out to him.  This is not the first incident of Nano catching fire while being driven. We can only hope that this incident is the last. As of now the police investigation is on and Tata Motors have not issued any comment pertaining to the incident.

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