All-New 2020 Mahindra Thar Gets Stuck in a Lake

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Mahindra will officially launch the all-new Thar on 2nd October but we are among the lucky ones who have already gotten behind its wheel and the new Thar is mighty impressive! The old Thar was a capable off-roader and the new one has added a new chapter in its legacy because it has improved in almost all the departments. But it doesn’t boil down to just a vehicle’s capabilities now, does it?

A picture has gone viral on the internet and it has all the ingredients which need something to go viral. It includes a 2020 Mahindra Thar, a lake and oh, the Thar is submerged in the lake with its nose completely drowned.

Mahindra Thar stuck in lake

More details

Reports suggest that the photograph is clicked somewhere in South India. The photograph showcases an all-new Mahindra Thar with its front end completely submerged in the lake. That is one sore sight but we are assuming that the occupants managed to escape without any harm because the windows are rolled down which they might have used as an escape route from the drowning vehicle.

Thar’s off-roading capabilities

Mahindra has specifically mentioned that the new Thar can wade through 650mm deep water which is impressive, to say the least. The new Thar is a capable off-roader and its mechanicals suggest the same. The front now gets independent suspension while the rear gets mechanical locking diffs and gets rid of leaf springs in favour of a multi-link setup. It offers an unladen ground clearance of 227mm and approach, ramp-over and departure angles of 42 degrees, 27 degrees and 37 degrees.

New Mahindra Thar off road

According to the company, the Thar now offers 33% more traction than before. Its crawl ratio stands at 42:1 which makes it far more capable than many expensive machines. Conclusion? The Thar is an amazing off-roader but should you take it to uncharted territories without taking extreme precautions? And in this case, a lake with not so clear water? The featured photograph will suggest you not to.

Things to keep in mind while wading through water

A vehicle’s capabilities matter but there are certain things which one should keep in mind while pulling off something like this. When you are off the road, you come across many unknown elements and this lake certainly was one. It is always advisable that one must walk through the patch to understand the depth and surface underneath. The driver in this particular scenario, certainly missed out on this because as the photograph suggests, the driver drove the Thar right into a ditch or soft mud. The situation would have been a lot more pleasant if they had any idea about what they were getting into.

New Mahindra Thar Snow

If you are an enthusiastic off-roader and frequently go on trails, install a snorkel. It lets the exhaust perform its job even when it’s submerged under water. There are a few more things one should abide by, when you are going to wade through water. Seatbelt must not be worn and windows must be kept open, in case you need an instant escape. Though wading through deep water should be avoided but if you still got to do it, the whole thing must be done gently by creating a bow wave in front of your car. Splashing through the water by not being gentle with the inputs can get you in serious trouble.

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Worst case scenario, you get stuck. The first thing which might strike your head is backup. It is always good to have a backup ready and when you are going off the road where you have no idea what lies ahead, having a backup vehicle could make a world of a difference. The reason why this Thar remained stuck there was probably because there wasn’t any backup vehicle to tow it back on the ground. Another important thing to keep in mind in case your engine gets shut while you’re deep in the water is not to try and crank it back to life. Ironically, it could lead to the death of your engine.

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  • mad says:

    Looks nice, but if one day comes to UE, this vehicle will cost as much as the original and here there is no doubt: Jeep wins. But at least in Spain, this vehicule has no date to arrive. So nathing to say. I like the variety, and this could have some market if the price is correct.