83 teams approach finish line in the 5,000 kms long 2015 Rickshaw Run

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Rickshaw Run August 2015 (5)

The August 2015 edition of The Rickshaw Run is about to conclude as 83 teams near the end of their mammoth 5000 kms journey to Kochi in Kerala. Commenced from Shillong on the 5th August, the 225 international participants are currently having all sorts of adventures. The teams left in a whirlwind of colour, noise and excitement, donning fancy outfits with richly decorated vehicles. They are now heading south and from the online tracking system it appears that they have already collected a good many stories.

So far this edition of the event has raised nearly USD 40,000 for the official charity Cool Earth, with far more still to come once the teams make it safely in once piece to the finish line. The Rickshaw Run itself has raised more than USD 3,200,000 over the years.

Rickshaw Run August 2015 (1)

Event Manager Matthew Dickens added that nearly half the teams have arrived so far, and the tales from the road are equally amazing and horrifying at the same time. There weer a few bumps, a few crashes, some interesting bowel movements and all these have created a million memories. The overwhelming emotion from the teams though is a feeling of great warmth for the people of India whose helpfulness simply blows them away.

The final teams are expected to arrive shortly. Hopefully…

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