74-Wheel Truck Takes Almost One Year To Travel Between Maharashtra And Kerala

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Everybody has bought and ordered supplies from E-commerce sites, right? What is the longest time you have had to wait for your shipment to arrive? Here is an example where a shipment takes almost a year to reach its destination. A massive truck carrying a giant machine called an aerospace autoclave took almost an entire year to travel from Maharashtra to VSSC (Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre) in Kerala.

Details of the journey

The massive 74-wheeled truck reportedly left Nashik in July 2019, passed through 4 other states, covering a total of 1,700km and is finally set to reach its destination soon; almost a year after it left.


The truck here is a Volvo FM12 model that is pulling a massive cargo that weighs nearly 70 tonnes and has a height of 7.5 meters and width of 6.65 meters. The machinery was built in Nasik and ever since it left Maharashtra last year, it has been pulling the cargo and is yet to reach its destination. Due to its massive load and size, the truck is said to move only 5km a day on an average. No other vehicles can pass through the road while the truck is moving. There are 32 staff to control the truck. 

While on its journey, the truck had to pass through Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and entered Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram a few days back. The power lines and tree branches across the road have to be chopped to enable the truck to pass through the way. Police and the electricity board took an effort to clear the way for the truck at all places. The vehicle passed the border in July the first week and reached Thiruvananthapuram the other day and is expected to reach VSSC, Vattiyoorkavu this Saturday.

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Twenty-one-year-old Subash Yadav and seven others are part of the team deputed by the Nasik-based Unique Chemo Plant Equipments to transport 5-metre diameter horizontal aerospace autoclave manufactured by the private company on an extra-long truck. The autoclave was procured by VSSC for its Composites Entity at Vattiyoorkavu. When their truck reached Panakam in Andhra Pradesh, the country went into lockdown. When the truck was blocked by Andhra Pradesh authorities, the team got in touch with the company. They were told to stay at Panakam which lasted two months.

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To ensure a safe movement of the truck while passing through the cities, cops also provided a pilot car. The machine is used for making various equipment for the space research projects of the country. According to VSSC, the autoclave will be used to manufacture large and light-weight aerospace products for various space programmes. The machine will be brought to the centre in Vattiyoorkavu and commissioned by the end of this month, said VSSC authorities.

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  • Dharmesh Patel says:

    They should use sea root instead of road. Nashik to nava-sheva port… load it in sea cargo and transport it to Kerala…!
    I dont know why they dont know or think about sea root.