300 km range and a top speed of 120 km/h, Battrixx turns the EV game up!

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You will find a whole caravan of quirky and different motorcycles at the Auto Expo. One such motorcycle which we came across was the Battrixx manufactured by well, Battrixx. They specialise in making battery modules and the same expertise was put into developing this futuristic motorcycle. Among the electric vehicles present at the Auto Expo, the Battrixx possessed the best range of 300 kilometres. Even if we take performance into consideration, the Battrixx is no slouch as the company claims a top whack of 120 km/h!

It’s a completely functional motorcycle and houses a 12.7 kwh battery which makes it boast of the specs mentioned above. To bring things into perspective, it’s 3 times more powerful than the Electric Chetak and almost two times more powerful than the Revolt RV 400. It doesn’t take forever to charge either as it can be fully charged in around 2 hours. To make things even more convenient, it comes with a two pin socket.

Here’s a walkraround video of the Battrixx: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwE_DW2P0ts


The overall design shouts ‘Radical!’ as Battrixx comes with a hub steering wheel instead of a conventional one. It makes the front end look like our very own desi electric Bimota. There’s a 21-inch front wheel doing the job while the front fascia also houses a twin projector headlamp. The design is aerodynamic while fins are present at the front to bring down the heat emitted by the huge battery.

It comes with two sets of footpegs for the rider as there is no pillion seat on this motorcycle, so you can either sit on it like you do on a cruiser or you can also crouch like you do on a sportsbike. How cool is that! The quirkiness of this motorcycle doesn’t end here. You need a wrist band to fire it up and the instrument cluster in integrated within the rear view mirrors.

If the future of motorcycling looks this cool, we are all in for it!




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