2021 Honda Civic Scores 5-star Rating In ASEAN NCAP

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With the Latin NCAP shooting down Indian cars and labeling some of the much-loved ones as highly unsafe, ASEAN NCAP brings some good news our way. The 2021 Honda Civic has been awarded a 5-star under the new assessment for 2021-2025 safety rating by the NCAP for Southeast Asian Countries. Civic is one of the sedan icons/classics from back in the days and it has once again proved its worth.

2021 Honda Civic ASEAN NCAP Frontal Offsett

How did it fare?

The 2021 Honda Civic is the first Honda to have been tested under the new assessment protocol for 2021-2025. The car performed very well in all the tests that it went through. In none of the tests did the car show more than adequate impact to the driver or passengers. The car tested was a 2021 Civic EL+ variant with 6-airbags, Seat Belt Reminder, Child Presence Detection, Anti-Lock Braking System, Electronic Stability Program, and Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) city, AEB inter-urban, AEB Pedestrian, AEB Bicycle, AEB Motorcycle and Auto High beam which are offered as standard across all variants. The car also comes fitted with next-gen technologies like Blind Spot Visualization for the off-side.

2021 Honda Civic

The agency in its report said that the AEB motorcycle of the 2021 Civic made the car stand out. It allowed the detection of motorcycles in front of the car and performed emergency braking if and when needed. In the frontal impact test, the car provided good protection to the head and thighs and the only minimal impact was felt in the chest and calves. The test also said that the car’s frontal occupant compartment remained stable in the frontal-offset impact test.  In the side impact test, the car provided complete protection to the head, chest, and lower back resulting in the least chances of injury. In the department of child occupant protection, Civic performed exceedingly well. From installation of the child seat to child detection all worked smoothly and ensured the safety of occupants.

2021 Honda Civic ASEAN NCAP Results

Though the Honda Civic was discontinued in India last year, it is still worthwhile knowing the safety features being offered by cars all around the world, as it is only a small amount of time before all the new technologies make their entry into the Indian market.

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