2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT535 Café Racer spotted again

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Royal Enfield Continental GT535 Cafe Racer Launch Pics 1

The upcoming 2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT535 Café Racer from the South India based bike maker has to be among the most eagerly awaited bikes of recent times. While none of us at present knows what it will exactly be like to ride this bike, we are quite sure that the Café Racer will take the Indian retro motorcycle segment to an altogether new height and might appeal to a much wider spectrum of audience than other bikes in RE line up.

The 2014 Continental GT535 Cafe Racer will become the fastest production Royal Enfield ever. Also, the bike looks poised to become the lightest RE bike of recent times.
The styling of the upcoming Continental GT535 is one of the talking points of the bike and we really can’t stop drooling over the distinctive Café Racer design cues and body work.

As for that long and impressive name that might invoke thoughts of Bentleys, allow us to clarify that the Continental GT tag has been associated with Royal Enfield since almost 5 decades. The Royal Enfield Continental GT250 was the first bike to get the Continental GT moniker and was launched in 1965. Powered by a 250cc four stroke motor, this bike had 21bhp of peak power and has Cafe Racer body work.

Royal Enfield Continental GT535 Cafe Racer Launch Pics 2

It is being said that the 2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 aka Royal Enfield Cafe Racer 535, which will be a logical successor to the GT250, will be launched in India in last quarter of 2013.

The upcoming bike will be powered by a single pot 535cc UCE engine that will have a bigger throttle body and a larger piston than the 500cc UCE motors. The 535cc mill will also have a remapped ECU and a lighter flywheel. All this should endow the bike with genuine 150 kmph plus top speed. The bike will ride on Pirelli tyres and will have a tubular steel constructed frame. Suspension duties will be taken care of by a set of telescopic forks at front and a pair of Paioli gas-charged shock absorbers at the rear. The bike will have disc brakes on both the wheels and will be as much as 15 kilograms lighter than the Thunderbird 500.

The bike is expected to be priced at a little north of INR 2 lakhs.

We really can’t wait to take the upcoming 2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT535 Café Racer for a really long ride. What about you?


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  • sreekanth says:

    KTM doesnt make any competition to RE in any way. The customer base of both are exclusive.

  • Lali says:

    Good that finally RE has woken up from their slumber sleep.
    still this 550cc with Power output~= Ninja 250’s output is not much exciting but ..atleast.. better than nothing 😉

    wished KTM+bajaj thing happened 10 year ago. we would had good options in biking now 🙂

  • ram says:

    After killer pricing of KTM-390, they can kelp it in the cold storage forever .

  • leonidjoseph says:

    the rider needs to loose some weight, it would have been better to take the bikes pics without any rider. If they could sell this as kit for older bikes it would be great. Now with the quality of suspension of RE you would loose your back and your wrists.