2014 Range Rovers to sport supercharged V6 instead of V8

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All thanks to a leaked guide which reveals that 2014 onwards, Range Rover’s 5.0 litre V8 engine would be replaced by a turbo-charged 3.0 litre V6 powerplant. A comparo shows the new V6 pumping 340 bhp and 332 lb/ft of torque against 375 of both bhp and torque of the V8. The eight-speed ZF 8HP70 automatic transmission will be retained on the new lineup with the stop/start deactivation feature standard across all models.

The call is but obvious considering manufacturers around the globe are adopting smaller displacements with stricter emission norms and increased fuel efficiency. This is amply reflected in the chart that reads the new V6 to render figures of 16 mpg city (6.77 kpl) and 22 mpg (9.31 kpl) on the highway averaging a combined figure of approx 18 mpg (7.6 kpl). CO2 emissions have also shrunk by an impressive 22 percent.

On the performance front, the new Range Rovers would hit the 0 to 60 mph mark in 7.1 seconds (0.6 seconds slower than the V8).

The above is just a synopsis and in case you wish to have an exhaustive look, you may download the guide HERE.

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