2014 Mercedes S Class (W222) teaser surfaces on cyber space

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The next gen 2014 Mercedes S Class has been making news since quite some time now. Recently, we posted brochure leaks of the upcoming car and now, Mercedes has published a teaser image of the upcoming luxury sedan. The Mercedes S Class 2014 will be unveiled in Germany on Wednesday.

The new luxury sedan, which has been codenamed as the W222, is expected to up the ante in the luxury car market with its class leading technology, luxury and safety.

Powering the upcoming S Class will be re-tuned motors that will be higher on performance and fuel economy and lower on tail pipe emissions. The engines are expected to come mated to a new 9 speed automatic gearbox that benefits from terrain sensing technology.

What we have here are the W222 figures against the W221 and the relevant BMW and Audi models:

Diesel V6

S 350 BlueTEC (W222)

258hp/1,955kg (132hp/tonne)

6.8 secs (0-100km/h)


S 350 BlueTEC (W221)

258hp/1,995kg (129hp/tonne)

7.1 secs (0-100km/h)


Audi A8 3.0 TDI quattro (D4)

250hp/1,915kg (131hp/tonne)

6.1 secs (0-100km/h)


BMW 730d (F01)

258hp/1,915kg (135hp/tonne)

6.1 secs (0-100km/h)

Petrol V8

S 500 (W222)

455hp/1,995kg (228hp/tonne)

4.8 secs (0-100km/h)


S 500 BlueEFFICIENCY (W221)

435hp/2,010kg (216hp/tonne)

5.0 secs (0-100km/h)


Audi A8 4.0 TFSI quattro (D4)

420hp/1,970kg (213hp/tonne)

4.6 secs (0-100km/h)

BMW 750i (F01)

450hp/2,015kg (223hp/tonne)

4.8 secs (0-100km/h)


S 400 HYBRID (W222)

306hp/1,925kg (159hp/tonne)

6.8 secs (0-100km/h)


S 400 HYBRID (W221)

299hp/1,955kg (153hp/tonne)

7.2 secs (0-100km/h)


Audi A8 Hybrid (D4)

245hp/1,945kg (126hp/tonne)

7.7 secs (0-100km/h)

BMW ActiveHybrid 7 (F01)

354hp/2,045kg (173hp/tonne)

5.7 secs (0-100km/h)

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